seangel SAID:

Over 10 yrs ago I suffered a fractured nose due to domestic violence and have never had the resources or valor to get it looked at…..since then I have always felt the dent on my nose and difficulty breathing from one nostril. Im afraid its getting worse and if it’s too late to fix it after so long.

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  1. Dr. Scott Miller wrote on :

    I am so sorry for your past circumstance. It’s great that you have persevered and now have the courage to move forward.
    The good news is, that short of immediately treating your injury, your options are as numerous and beneficial as they would have been years ago. So no, it is not too late.
    The next step is a complete (external and internal) nasal and facial exam by a board certified Plastic Surgeon to evaluate the anatomy,function and proportions. These would then be discussed in relation to your symptoms and desires. Only then can a proper plan of treatment be developed which meets your goals and expectations.

  2. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    A fractured nose can be treated at the time when the trauma occurs or shortly thereafter and this limits the chances for long term problems. However, if that did not happen it does not mean you are out of options. Even 10 plus years since the trauma it is possible (and common) to evaluate noses for this type of long term deformity and breathing issue and have an excellent chance for surgical correction. There is no reason not to go to a board certified Plastic Surgeon and have your nose properly evaluated. This will give you the answers you are looking for. Hope all goes well for you.
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  3. Dr. Kouros Azar wrote on :

    Congrats on having the courage to ask! It is definitely not too late to fix it. Typically after examining your nose, we would do a straightening procedure for the nose and septum together as a cosmetic rhinoplasty. This is usually about a 3 hour outpatient procedure and you would go home the same day. Your breathing problems would be solved at the same time as any concerns about the appearance. Its possible your insurance would pay for the septoplasty part but not the cosmetic part. Also, California has a victims of violent crime fund and they sometimes have paid for these surgeries if you can get through all the paperwork. Many Plastic Surgeons like myself offer complementary consultations and would be happy to go over this in more detail with you. Best of luck!

  4. Dr. M. Bailey wrote on :

    Old injuries to the nose can still be fixed – typically it requires a procedure similar to a cosmetic rhinoplasty (nasal surgery), plus surgery to straighten the septum (that is what divides your two nostrils internally). Additionally, if you have breathing difficulties and a visible deformity, health insurance may help with the cost of surgery. I suggest that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon (with experience in nasal reconstruction after trauma), to discuss your individual situation.

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