letalele SAID:

Had a mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery. After that surgery there was a reduction of the left breast followed by 3 more surgeries, two that included the same patterned cuts to the left breast. This last surgery was supposed to be the last, the nipple was placed on the right reconstructed breast . My left breast is still noticeably larger. Surgeon say’s he can’t reduce it further. Very disappointed in these results. What can I do? 5 surgeries for these results..

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  1. Dr. Lawrence Korpeck wrote on :

    You may never achieve the symmetry you desire, since one side is completely different than the other. I would recommend going back to your original Plastic Surgeon and inquire about liposuction of the larger breast to help achieve more symmetry.

  2. Dr. Darryl Blinski wrote on :

    Only in-person examinations would allow a definitive response. Please see a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area.

  3. Dr. John O'Brien wrote on :

    hello,it is difficult to make judgments without seeing some pictures. Many times revisional work can be done with excellent and acceptable results. These issues as well as a more formal physical examination should be discussed with any potential plastic surgeon. Look for a surgeon that has experience with many aspects of breast reconstruction.the potential solutions would be to consider an enlargement along the right side or reduction along the left side.Best of luck. John J. O’Brien Junior M.D.

  4. Dr. John Newkirk wrote on :

    I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I do believe I could do a breast reduction on your left side to create symmetry for you. However, I can not promise this for certain without seeing you for a consultation and viewing your medical records. If you wish to come into my office please call (803) 796-2770. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can be of further assistance.

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