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Hi, I had breast implants called ( meme type ) made by Dow Corning. I did this at 28. I was hit by a drunk driver & I had them replaced at 40. I became ill & on S.S. disability at 51. I have had both implants rupture on their own over time. I am on Medicaid in N.Y. State. I found a doctor who could accept it for the removal of them. I am not able to afford to pay for new implants. I have been suffering so much pain from my chronic condition that I have not been able to finish getting my MRI done. I am having pain & swelling in my arms. Is there anybody that could help me pay for new implants. I am also very depressed about my situation. My email is zukikat@ Thanks, Terri

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  1. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Implants are a cosmetic procedure and no one does them for free. For the least expensive way, go to a hospital that has a residency program where costs are minimal. Any private plastic surgeon has fees and will charge more for breast surgery. If what you have is truly a medical problem then people who accept Medicaid may be able to help you — but putting in implants is cosmetic and not covered by Medicaid.

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