topersue SAID:

After a gastric bypass surgery 8 years ago I initially lost 170 lbs. Due to certain medications and stress I have unfortunetly gained some of that weight back leaving me with large “bat wings” on my arms that sag down a little over my elbows. I’m very self conscious over this part of my body more than anything else as I would like to be able to wear short sleeve and sleeveless outfits during the summer. Can this tightening be done with little scaring and down time?

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  1. Dr. Samer Cabbabe wrote on :

    It sounds as though you may be a perfect candidate for an arm lift or brachioplasty procedure. In this procedure, Dr. Cabbabe removes skin and fat and sculpts the arm to maximize the result. Downtime is minimal and the surgery is outpatient. Dr. Cabbabe has perfected scar placement which is the key to the operation. His experience allows him to know exactly how much tissue is to be removed. Please call 314-842-5885 to learn more.

  2. Dr. John Ness wrote on :

    The name for the procedure you’re referring to is called a Brachioplasty. There are different approaches for this type of procedure and we taper it to each patient. We know there is always going to be a scar so we are incredibly proactive with prevention so that we can minimize and camouflage the scar as much as possible. We start with surgery where Dr. Ness uses a very specific tool that we believe not only causes less trauma to the patient but offers a much nicer, finer incision which ultimately leads to a prettier result. Down time is not very significant with this procedure. Depending on what types of exercise and work you do there may be some restriction but usually that is about 2 weeks. We really encourage our patients to be up and moving around as much as possible after surgery as long as their comfortable and within reason.

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