NatalyaPasse SAID:

I am 5’6″ 208 lbs. I had c-section completed 8 years ago and I now have a kangaroo pouch. I am exercising 3x a week. I now want to get lipo on my lower abomin and that is only corrective surgery I would like. I just would like to know the cost just for that small area

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  1. Dr. Rondi Walker wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Passe,
    It is difficult to give you a fee with out an examination. But abdominal liposuction is usually done by site. The approximate fee range for the abdominal liposuctuion only is $5000 and up including OR and Anesthesia. You may also be a candidate for Smart Lipo which provides greater contraction of the skin. I would need to see you in consultation to provide you with an exact answer as to the best procedure and fee.

    Thank you for your question.

    Dr. Walker

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