danyac SAID:

hello, i’m thinking to have done a breast implant to increased the size of my breast but i’m a little scared because i have read about the risk and my husband like to squeezed hard when we have sex, can the implant bag broke because of that?

0 Answers

  1. Dr. James Leake wrote on :

    it would be very difficult to break these new implants.

  2. Dr. John Newkirk wrote on :

    Due to the durability, it is unlikely that the breast implants would rupture from being squeezed.

  3. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    Breast implants are quite elastic and will not rupture with pressure from squishing them, especially through overlying tissue.

  4. Dr. John O'Brien wrote on :

    I agree with the other MD’s who have responded, it takes a tremendous amount of force to rupture an implant and that would be very unlikely.Best of luck with this.

  5. Dr. Alexander Nein wrote on :

    It is highly unlikely that the implant would rupture from being squeezed. The implants are very, very durable and if you can tolerate it, the implant can tolerate it.

  6. Dr. Barry Schwartz wrote on :

    No it will not break with that kind of pressure. It takes a great deal more pressure such as an automobile accident to possibly cause a tear.

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