SarahJ SAID:

I am a 34AA looking for breast implants. Is over or under the muscle best for someone with practically no breast tissue? I am worried that the implant will easily be felt if placed over the muscle.. or that my breast will feel too hard if placed under the muscle. I am really considering the tear drop shape and I think it would look more natural. I am 5’5″ and weigh 130. I am looking for a natural look…
Please advise… thank you very much.

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  1. Dr. Douglas Leppink wrote on :

    Your concern is very common! Plastic Surgeons began placement of an implant partially under the muscle when we started using saline implants in the 90’s, which were firmer and rounder looking, and required the coverage of the muscle to look naturally smooth. Now that we are using silicone implants again we still put implants under the muscle as we have discovered that this position makes mammograms easier to perform and the scar contracture rate is less. Please discuss your concerns with the Plastic Surgeon you choose, and they will address all your concerns.

  2. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    Both locations are reasonable options depending on the patient’s anatomy, type of implant, and surgeon preference. In the body type you are describing, it would be best to place the implant under the muscle to give the most natural appearance and so that the implant is not readily felt as you say. in addition, if a saline implant is used, there will be a higher likelihood of visible and palpable wrinkling. Unless a capsular contracture develops, implants should remain very soft when placed under the muscle. A tear drop shaped device would be a good option as well for you.

  3. Dr. Scott Brundage wrote on :

    Most implants today are placed below the muscle. This gives a bit smaller chance of scar tissue build up which traditional was more common above the muscle. When this is prevented you will get the most natural soft look and feel to your breasts. Tear drop implants are the newest type on the market but they are not necessarily better. A round smooth implant will give a tear drop shape in the upright position. The tear drop implants also cost more. In select cases they might be better but you must be careful that your surgeon is not talking you into them for his wants and not yours. Find a reputable board certified plastic surgeon and have a full discussion about the pros and cons of each.

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