JessicaFindley SAID:

Back in April 2011 I had a Hysterectomy and I was having a lot of pain from the incision. So in Feb. 2012 I went to a Plastic surgeon. The Surgeon said I needed to have a tummy tuck, abdominal liposuction, and flank reduction and it would cost me $14,000.00! But if I lost 40 lbs it would be half the price. But before I had the plastic surgery, the pain got so bad my OB opened me back up July 2012 and found abdominal scar tissue that had adhesed to my bladder, bowel, and ovaries! I was in surgery for five and a half hours. Three months later I was having the same pains again! OB said I would have to find a Surgeon this time because I had no more female parts. So I went to one and he said the abdominal scar tissue can be seen on the x-ray and I also had a umbilical hernia. So surgery again Oct. 2013 but surgeon did it though my belly button! Scar tissue again but this time it was attached to all my organs and pulled them down in my pelvic cavity. He removed 8lbs. of scar tissue after only 15 months since previous scar revision. He said that I needed to get the extra skin removed and that it would help with the scar build up but that it would need to be done by a plastic surgeon. I have lost nearly over 80lbs since the visit to the first plastic surgeon and have had two lower abdominal scar revisions that have had to separate my bowels and bladder from my abdominal wall. I have not been able to leave the house without a girdle on to hold my guts in place for over 2 years. I am tired of the constant strain and pain in my abdominal area and in my sides. I have actually fractured my feet in an effort to reduce the strain and pain. I am not interested in looks, I just want to reduce my pain. Will I ever find a Doctor that can do both tummy & abdominal adhesions at the same time?

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