JudithYosef SAID:

I have been searching for understanding in the area of mental health and the medical need for skin removal surgery after major wt loss. I keep getting told that its not possible but I feel this is a lie. I’ve had to spend more time and money on treatment for eating disorders, doctors, nutritionist, and medications for symptoms that appeared After I lost all my wt and only had the loose skin to deal with. the longer I go with it the more trapped I feel. I actually felt more normal when I was bigger! What are the avenues into body reconstructive surgery and mental stability?

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  1. Dr. Regina Rosenthal wrote on :

    A surgical procedure or procedures can be done to remove the excess skin. However, one of the prerequisites to having a surgery is to be mentally and emotionally stable. I would suggest having counseling sessions to improve your mental stability prior to your surgery. In order to achieve optimal healing, a positive, mentally stable outlook is a must.

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