KimMartin SAID:

I’m a 47 year old women who had gastric bypass surgery in 1999. Within a year I had my gall bladder removed and a tummy tuck at the same time. I have a scar from the surgery which starts just below my breast line down the middle of my stomach to my tummy tuck scar Also I have no belly button. From my tummy tuck I have these side flaps ( dog ears) that hang over the side of my pants. To say the least I think from my weight loss my breast took a total dive. When lying on my back they completely disappear. Please tell me my options for correcting all of these things.

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  1. Dr. Diana Ghosh wrote on :

    I would encourage you to visit a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area to determine what procedures would be appropriate, but it seems that you would be a good candidate. I am in the San Diego area and offer free consultations if you would like to call (619) 822-1667. Best of luck to you.

  2. Dr. Charles Spenler wrote on :

    Hello and thanks for your excellent question. I have specialized in post-weight-loss body sculpting for many years and your problem is a familiar one. Without what’s called a belt lipectomy, which is essentially an extension of the tummy tuck all the way around to the back area, patients often end up with dog ears. And yes, your breasts have deflated after the weight loss, as well. Without seeing you in consultation, I cannot give you medical advice. However, inasmuch as you are in California, you may certainly contact our office at 310-784-0644 for a consultation to discover what I can do for you.

  3. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Well, lots of options and lots of procedures to go over but the most important thing would be an examination. From your question you have both vertical and horizontal scars on your abdomen as well as loss of volume and downward migration (sagging) of your breasts. All of this is very likely to be improved by surgery but a complete exam with a plastic surgeon would be the best initial step. Hope this helps.
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  4. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    Most people in your situation will require a lift and augmentation with implants. If your breast tissue volume is ‘good enough’ a Rubin Mastopexy alone could be the best option. If you need volume, you must have an implant and if you did go this route, would counsel you abut the benefits of having a limited reduction with your augmentation. At the same time, you could have your dog ears removed and a belly button reconstructed if you find its important to have that.

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