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For a while I have been considering a breast reduction due to back, shoulder pains. I know my work insurance company can cover it but I’m not sure what steps to take first to start this process. Please advice. Thank you. I am also not wanting to go to the wrong surgeon and have to deal with a botch procedure or future issues. What’s the best way to choose the best doctor. What metrics should I be looking at and where should I look for these? Thank you.

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  1. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Wow, lots of good questions. The first step is to seek out, find, and visit with at least one board certified plastic surgeon and likely more than one. In that visit(s) you can review your problem, be examined, and have a discussion with the surgeon about their thoughts as to whether a breast reduction would benefit you, the surgery itself, the steps to take if you decide to proceed, insurance authorization, and a comprehensive plan to accomplish your goals. No patient (or plastic surgeon) wants a “botched” procedure and doing your homework in advance will help you avoid that. Your homework includes seeing board certified plastic surgeons and visiting with them long enough or repetitively enough until you are comfortable with a decision to proceed with that surgeon. You should feel a connection with the surgeon you select in terms of their skill and experience to accomplish your goals as well as having the sense that they are invested in getting you to those goals. Visit with as many surgeons as you need to until you feel that connection. Metrics you can ask about include the surgeon’s experience with breast reduction, number done over time, and perhaps to speak with one of their prior breast reduction patients where you can get the patient’s perspective on how well they felt taken care of.
    Hope this helps.
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  2. Dr. Charles Spenler wrote on :

    Depending upon your insurance, the first step may be to speak with your primary physician for a referral to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. Many insurance companies require a documented history of back, neck and/or shoulder pain, grooves in the shoulder, rashes under the breasts, etc, before they agree to cover a breast reduction, so it’s never too early to get your primary doctor on board regarding this issue.

    Next, I suggest you go to this link: and insert your city to find a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area, as it appears from your note that you have no referral from a friend, colleague or relative to a plastic surgeon nearby.

    Then, insert some of the names into to see the reviews there, and also check, which is the California State Medical Board.

    You may wish to click this link to see a list of questions you may wish to ask potential surgeons when you visit for a consultation:

    Lastly, be sure to view before/after photos of the procedure with any surgeon you may consider for your procedure. The proof of skill is in the photos.

    Our group of three board certified plastic surgeons is in Torrance, CA, south of Redondo Beach. We welcome your inquiry into our practice. Feel free to visit our website at

    To your health & beauty,
    Charles Spenler, MD, FACS

  3. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    You should start with consulting with a couple of plastic surgeons and see their results… surgeons should have photos they can show you of their work. Ask around as well as reputations creep into the street and do a google search for complaints about that specific doctor. A doctor who has several different complaints is one you should try to avoid. Then pick whom you trust the most and who has a reasonable revision policy just in case you need one.

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