AngelaHowell SAID:

Thinking about eyelid surgery, is it really safe or what type complications can happen from it?

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  1. Dr. E. Musarra wrote on :

    Dear Angela,
    Eyelid surgery is one of the most common facial aesthetic operations done in this country. I recommend a board certified plastic surgeon to assist you in deciding what to do and who to do it and how it is done.
    The results can be wonderful, but subtle. With good experience you surgeon should be able to give you
    a very nice result with minimal chance of complications.
    The negative side of this surgery is initial swelling and bruising that clears in 7 o 10 days. There is usually very little, if any pain. There will be a short period of limited activity. There will be a scar of the upper and
    lower eyelids. The scar will fade to the point it is very difficult to find. While it is visible, it is easily covered
    with make up. The simple complications are bleeding, infection and problems with healing. These are easily
    taken care of. As with anything in life, there can be very serious complications, including blindness and death. That will be on the informed consent you will have to sign. There are a very few cases of this.
    In my opinion this is a wonderful operation and is very safe.
    Dr. Tony Musarra Marietta, Ga. 770 421 1242

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