MariluMurillo-zamora SAID:

Hi I’m 39 years old and I had a nose job and my bichat bags were removed now my cheeks look hollow and they are sagging it looks like I age 5 years can a mini face lift help me to look younger?

0 Answers

  1. Dr. Michael Law wrote on :

    It is difficult to determine what would be best without photos or an in person consultation. Sadly, many, many people are left with hollow upper or lower eyelids following blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) You may need a revision which would likely include some fat grafting.
    Fat grafting has gained quite a bit of polarity in recent years. But not all fat grafting is created equal. Start by looking at many, many fat grafting photographs and find a surgeon with extensive experience and expertise with eyelid revision surgery.

  2. Dr. Constance Barone wrote on :

    Very difficult to really make a comment without an exam or photos You may be better suited for mifase fillers or mid face implant. Make an appotintment with a Board certified Plastic Surgeon for proper evaluation. Best to you

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