Milli78 SAID:

Hello, I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago because I had a big lower belly pouch. I don’t know if it came from having two emergency C-sections back to back. However, I still have a pouch although it is not as big as before but it is still there and I am really depressed about it. No matter how many times I do abdominal crutches it never changes and I do constantly workout. Should I get it fixed again or continue to work out? Should I go back to the surgeon who did it and get it redone?

0 Answers

  1. Dr. John O'Brien wrote on :

    Hello, i think it is appropriate to get evaluated again by a board certified plastic surgeon to see what your options are. Can you have some revisional work done? It is always important to continue with some exercise for overall health and wellness. Good luck.

  2. Dr. James Leake wrote on :

    you need to be evaluated again. more surgery maybe be necessary. you may need it redone or some additional liposuction. an exam will help. certainly your doctor will want to know and he/she will want to make things right for you.

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