cathylwood SAID:

What can I do about my thinning lips. I don’t want to look as if I’ve wandered into an angry hive of bees, but I would like my mouth to be a bit more healthy-looking. Any ideas?

On: November 29, 2012
To doctors from: GA

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  1. Dr. E. Musarra wrote on :

    Dear Cathy,
    You problem is very common for women as they get older. The lips will thin and lose definition. Fillers are the most common treatment, however they are not used correctly for the best outcome. In the past, the filler
    material, preferaby Restylane or Juvedern, is injected into the lips to make them fuller. The old bee sting trick.
    For very nice results, the filler should be injected just along the lip line at the junction of the lips the the skin
    of the upper and lower lips. This gives a soft look with a very mild pout. All of my patients are loving this.
    The other procedure is to implant something in the lip. This can also make the lips to large if not done properly. The implant can be made of flexible, soft, solid silicone. It might feel a little stiff. The other implant
    would be your own tissues taken from your face or other parts of the body as a graft.
    You will be wise to seek a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with this. I think you will love it.
    Dr. Tony Musarra Marietta, Ga. 770 421 1242

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