Is is possible to have fat removed from the abdominal area and implanted in the breast are with a breast lift and possible mini tummy tuck. If so, what is the average cost?

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4 Answers

  1. DrKevinTehrani wrote on :

    Thank you for your question. Yes, it is possible to take fat from the abdomen through liposuction and then inject that fat into the breasts. This will give you a size increase of about one cup size, but will not provide a lift on its own. In general, a lift, tummy tuck and fat injection can be done in the same procedure. Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon for precise recommendations.

  2. DrRichardDAmico wrote on :

    Great question. The short answer is yes, it is entirely possible. The goal would presumably be to add some volume to the breasts at the same time as the other procedures, and this is doable. Obviously the technical details will depend on a detailed history and physical examination of the patient and the development of an overall surgical program. Cost is very difficult to predict accurately, depending on the scope of what is done.

  3. DrOliviaHutchinson wrote on :

    Dear Anonymous,
    It is possible to remove fat from the abdomen and have it injected into another part of the body, such as the breast. The procedure is called autologous fat grafting or fat transfer. This may be done in conjunction with a breast lift and tummy tuck as well. It is essential that you have an in person consultation with a plastic surgeon to see if you are an appropriate candidate for any of these procedures, and to discuss all your options. If you would like to schedule a consultation with me, please contact our office.
    Dr. Olivia Hutchinson
    (212) 452-1400

  4. DrWilliamRosenblatt wrote on :

    Anything is possible. But the best results of breast enlargement and lift come with using a silicone implant. The fat that is injected often goes away and gives only a minimal enlargement. There also is no average cost as you need to be seen to know what has to be done. Any quotes over the internet are usually low ball and inaccurate. We offer a complimentary consultation, then you will get an accurate quote.

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