I am 30 years old; 6’1″ 168lbs. Active lifestyle (play basketball and like to lift weights to stay toned). Do not drink or smoke, no history of medical conditions. I have one child and am thinking of having one more, but my breast are a little dropped due to breast feeding. I am a 36 B (small B). What type of breast augmentation is recommended given some of my background and lifestyle? Should I wait until after I have my second child?

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  1. Dr. Brooke Seckel wrote on :

    Thank you for your question. If pregnancy has caused your breasts to become smaller and sag, and you are certain you are having another child in the near future I would wait until you are finished having children before having breast augmentation. It would be ashame to have your breast augmentation and then require a second procedure to correct post pregnancy changes.
    Dr. Seckel

  2. Dr. Rod Rohrich wrote on :

    It is optimal to wait until after you have your second child and be done with breast-feeding. After 6 months you can consider having a breast augmentation. This should be done in the hands of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is an expert in breast surgery.

  3. Dr. Robert Wilcox wrote on :

    Dear Friend, A majority of the 320,000+ women in America who undergo breast augmentation each year have not had children, so the timing is really not an issue in this regard. You are best off coming for a consultation with a surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeon to review your options. Most commonly, a silicone implant placed under the breast and muscle is the most common option and does not interfere with future breast feeding.
    I hope this has been helpful.
    Robert D. Wilcox, MD

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