Hello I’ve had a dog bite to my face– who would be the best person to contact for reconstructive plastic surgery?

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  1. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    You ultimately need to see a plastic surgeon to do any revision. Whether you need to do that now or not cannot be determined from the data in your question. If you just had the injury, you need to see someone immediately. Some emergency room physicians can do an excellent job if the wound is not jagged or undermined. If you are worried, they can find a plastic surgeon on call. If you have already had the wound closed, as I suspect, you probably need to do nothing for a month or so to a year or never unless the area is having problems healing. The wound will be red and swollen for many months. If it begins to be very red and swollen more so than presently, you need to see a plastic surgeon as it may need injection. If it is very irregular after a month or so, you could also see someone, though revision then would only be done if it were initially put together poorly or part of the area died. If the area looks bad after all the red has resolved, then you will need to see someone to revise it. Go to to find a plastic surgeon near you.

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