I am 36yoa, 5’3″, 131lb athletic frame female. I had breast augmentation surgery several years ago and am unhappy with the size (34DD). My implants are saline, not sure of the profile, and are about 400cc. Initially, I requested to be a ‘full C’…but ended up with a much larger result. Additionally, I feel like my implants rest too low on my chest wall. I feel saggy, and matronly, and would like a reduction surgery.

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  1. Dr. Susan Kolb wrote on :

    Dear Anomymous: I would recommend removal of the saline implants with replacement with smaller saline implants and repositioning submuscular (total if possible) in order to prevent malposition later.

  2. Dr. Julio Garcia wrote on :

    I think a reasonable option would be to downsize the implants and do a small breast lift to give you a better shape. Changing the implants alone would leave you saggy to some degree if you go smaller without a lift

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