Ive had Botox on my face in the past, 4 times. At 50, with stress factoring in, I think Botox is not enough. What else can I get done that is minimally invasive?

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  1. Dr. Kent V. Hasan wrote on :

    There are many excellent non invasive and minimally invasive treatment options to complement your Botox. Procedures such as Ulthera stimulate your body’s collagen, lifting the tissue of the brow, lower face, and neck. Resurfacing lasers, such as the Smart Skin Fractionated CO2 laser, are excellent for minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles that might not be smoothed with Botox. An in person consultation with an experienced provider is your next best step to discuss your concerns and goals and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

  2. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    Without knowing what your desires are and an examination it is impossible to give any specific advice. There are, however, multiple options available. Make sure you see an expert injector.

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