The skinny on VASER shape: a non-invasive fat melting procedure

VASER Shape before and after.

New York – Dr. Sharon Giese recently appeared on Dr. Oz to promote VASER shape, a “cutting-edge,” non-surgical treatment using ultrasound and lymphatic drainage to smooth and shape the body. She also performed the procedure on air. The treatment, which can take as few as five minutes, uses an ultrasound device that glides over the targeted area, warms it and treats the fatty tissue. A second device stimulates the lymphatic system, draining away excess toxins and fats.

“It’s different than liposuction because it’s totally non-invasive and involves no downtime or recovery time. However it doesn’t melt away as much fat as lipo,” says Dr. Giese. “I have patients who tell me it feels like a hot stone massage.” Results can be immediately visible after one treatment and treatments start at $450 per session. According to Dr. Giese the procedure works best on the abdomen, muffin top, love handles, back and upper arms. Dr. Giese’s  patients typically have one to three treatments. “You are a good candidate if you have ½-inch to four inches of fat you want to eliminate,” she says. “If you are a good candidate I’d rank this an 8 or 9 out of 10 as far as non-invasive fat removing procedures go.”

For more information about VASER shape call Dr. Giese at 212.421.3400

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