Win A Fiera ‘Arouser For Her’ and Spark Desire In Your Relationship

Your sex life may have slowed down in recent years, but we’re excited to report there is a new drug-free product on the market, called Fiera, which can help get you in the mood. Today, FabOverFifty is giving away a Fiera to one lucky lady!

Fiera Arouser for Her
($250) is like no other tool to enhance intimacy. A small, hands-free product. Fiera enhances arousal and increases desire, helping get your body ready for an enjoyable sexual experience.

Fiera is shaped to fit comfortably between the inner and outer labia, atop the clitoris. Once you press the power button, the product will softly seal itself to your body, and then three tiny stimulators gently surround the clitoris to provide additional stimulation. Buttons on the topside of Fiera control the pattern and intensity of the stimulators, ranging from soft and slow to harder and speedier (but not so hard or fast to cause any discomfort.)  A soft, removable cover, called a SofSense ring, is snapped into place before each use, and washed in warm, soapy water between uses.

Switching intensity levels and patterns are easy, once you get the hang of it, and little lights tell you when Fiera is attaching, properly suctioned, or needs to be recharged. The settings, combined with the gentle suction, help you find the ideal combination to enhance arousal and desire. Fiera isn’t meant to give you an orgasm, but to get you in the mood, both physically and mentally, to have one, with or without a partner. Using it before masturbation definitely enhances your orgasm. The user guide explains that it can take three to four times before you feel that you’ve positioned Fiera so it’s most effective.

By the way, Fiera isn’t just for menopausal or postmenopausal women. Other stressors, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, or lack of sleep, can negatively impact sexual interest and response.

To enter to win your own Fiera, fill out the form below. Once you’ve entered, leave a comment explaining why YOU want to win!

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1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 1, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • Annie Daigle

    Sounds like an awesome little gadget..would certainly love to give it a try….but at $250 a pop…it’s out of my price range…i think every woman could benefit from the Fiera..iit should be more affordable and u could sell a gazillion….

  • KatRob

    I also have never used a device, this looks like it would add some spice.

  • Kai Wong

    I’ve never tried any device to enhance sex This would add life to my sex life with my significant other.

  • Sharon Swiney

    Sounds interesting, would love to try

  • Carol Mix Barden

    Would LOVE to try it… Thanks for the opportunity.. 🙂

  • Eldicko

    $250!, no way.

  • Cynthia Richardson

    I’d like to try this.

  • RosemarySimm

    Oh La La !! A wonderful boost for any woman who wants her body to enjoy life.

  • Michelle Mitchell

    I’m in need of the Fiera not to spice up my sex life. Just a little something that can help me to exhale & to help me out with proper vaginal health.

  • Diane Hernandez

    Sounds like fun!

  • strawberry3d


  • Lanie

    I have been inactive for a long time now due to a bunch of circumstances so this would definitely help me get a jump start on my sex life!

  • janet bonine

    I was abstinent for 10 yrs. I took time to deal with some childhood trauma and time to figure out who i was and what i wanted out of the last 50 yrs of my life, as i plan to live to 100. I recently have had a guy 20 yrs younger than me come on to me. I have went so long without sex that i cant seem to get back into wanting it. He is 34 and sex is something he wants to experience with me. I dont want it. I so want to have a great relationship before i die. I want to want to. He is very attractive and established and we have been together for 8 months…… HELP!! I DONT WANT TO LOOSE HIM!! Thank you.

  • nanajacki

    Would love to try it and see how it works.

  • Wendy

    I think this is going to be amazing! I haven’t had sex in 5yrs. due to my husband having cancer. I really need a stress release that is way overdue. I have never used toys or anything else but this spiked my interest. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • B. Lerner

    Would love to try this; never used any implements before & really wonder if they help.

  • traceyj40

    Since i got older it takes longer to get going, this would be great

  • Christine DeVoogd

    I’ve definitely made my love of new and interesting sex toys clear, but this is something I’ve never seen before. I can’t wait to try it!
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Gayla Smith

    I would love to try out this product and I would let you know the results.

  • Debra Guillen

    I want to win because I have never tried anything like this and have wanted to

  • Julie Tardi

    this sounds great

  • cdmtx65

    a little help would be great in that department .

  • tokemise

    I’ve never tried any product like this and at age 50 it’s time to start exploring!

  • Linda Z

    sounds like a good time

  • Paol Trenny

    This is the first time hearing about this product so I am excited to own one.

  • Tyne Caouette

    would love to try this, thanks

  • talliana

    I would like to see if it really works.

  • val1953

    Nothing like a boost to enhance my intimacy Lord knows I need all the stimulation I can get to help with my arousal and desires,,really can’t wait to try it..enhance me so I can be FabOverFifty again

  • Teresa Thompson

    I need to branch out and try new things. I really like this new “thing”.

  • bonniesawinner

    Ever since surgically-induced menopause at age 44, I have needed a little boost in that department. Thank you for the chance.

  • mell

    This sounds interesting. Haven’t heard about it until today.

  • margara cantu

    i NEED this!

  • chichijunk

    Heck YESSS!!!! I need as much help as I can get!!!! BRING IT!! I’M READY and WAITING!!!

  • Linda Bye

    Could use a little help..thx

  • Karen Leraas

    Oh yes I’m still wanting to enjoy myself.

  • Gayla Smith

    I would love to try this out and let you know my thoughts.

  • Marty C.

    Ah, for obvious reasons. Not sure I want to go into more detail in a comment posted under my actual name.

  • dheath3

    This sounds interesting

  • mberlin1967

    I have 2 large protruding discs in my lower back & also broke n 8 mm bone fragment off a 3rd disc that left me with nerve damage, Sex went out the window when I was injured & I want it back, I would live to experience some thing like this asI have been menopausal for over 20yrs as well.

  • Kim Smith

    Could use some help. This little gem could be the answer..

  • Julie Mysiewicz

    More enhancement…yes please!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    It sounds interesting

  • lisa

    this has peaked my interest and excitement!

  • mlh125

    I can definitely use more excitement in my life!

  • luci

    willing to try anything that works!

  • Kimberley Thomas

    Quietly Curious

  • Barbara Cooper Duncan

    I need all the help I can get … 🙂

  • Cynthia Dixon

    The hubs & I used to have every kind of sex toy imaginable! Now that he’s over 70 & I’m 65, nothing seems to ‘spark joy’ like it used to! Maybe this gizmo will do the trick!

  • debbi frank

    First I heard of this company…product sounds intriguing…would love to be able to try it out.

  • Victoria

    It sounds interesting. I have one of their personal vibrators.

  • Krueger_Nancy

    Good can always get better, right?!

  • Happi Shopr

    I would like to win because I hate taking unnecessary drugs and could use the help.

  • Rose ADAMS

    I’m almost 70 and really would like to feel alive again!

  • Jean Burkhardt

    I am almost 70 and have had a hysterectomy. Winning this would be-Happy wife =Happy Hubby!!!!

  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    I want to win because I could use some help!
    Nicole Carter

  • Angela Mason

    Thank you for the opportunity and have a wonderful day!

  • Robin Abrams

    I had a Hysterectomy and after it I need help

  • Bee Mayes

    between a hysterectomy and hrt, I could use the!

  • Tammy Little

    Definitely need some help.

  • Patti Kollar

    “need a little help from my friends” at FabOverFifty!

  • Marilyn Montague

    Could use a bit of help.

  • dorothy borgese

    I have to find something to help with my libido husband is not a happy camper.

  • Barrie

    I can see using this during foreplay in a fun way to get me in the mood with hubby!

  • Stephanie V.

    Post menopausal equals no sex drive. Help!!!

  • B. Lerner

    I’ve lost some of my ‘oomph’ as I’ve gotten older. Not much fun for me or my husband. Perhaps this will help!

  • Aaron

    I would like to win for a special friend =)