{Bedroom Confessions} He wouldn’t put it down!


FOF Fran and her husband, Patrick, received some bedroom supplies from our friends at Sinclair Institute, who have been helping people rev up their sex lives since 1991.  Patrick fell in love with the Endow Vacuum Pump.  Here’s the story!

Tell us how Patrick liked the pump.

He wasn’t really sure about it at first, whether it would work. He became frustrated when the first one they sent had a leak and didn’t work, but the new one was fine and I couldn’t get him to put it down. I actually had to grab it away from him to keep him from hurting himself. The instructions say not to use it for more than 30 consecutive minutes if you have issues with your heart.

Was the pump easy to use?

Patrick experimented with the different size cock rings, and when he found the right size, the sensation was very, very, very enjoyable. The pump sucked him right up to seven inches. When the cylinder is removed, the cock ring stays on to keep the blood in the right place so we can have intercourse.

Did Patrick’s erection last?
The pump enabled him to keep the erection, but his penis wasn’t as hard as it was when he was young.

How long did it take for him to get an erection?
No time at all. It was a lot of fun.

Did Patrick use it manually or with the batteries?

He liked the hand pump because it created better suction than when he used it with batteries. We also used the great lubricant Sinclair sent to increase the suction of the pump. It also can be used without the pump.

Has the pump increased the frequency of your lovemaking?

Yes, we’re having sex more often, which is what we wanted. When we first got the pump, Patrick was so fascinated by it that we were having sex every day. Now it’s every other day, which still is more than we used to do it.

So, overall, it’s worked out the way you had hoped?
Patrick is glad we got the tape and really glad he got the pump. If Sinclair hadn’t sent it, we’d never have one in our entire lives because Patrick never believed that they worked. I want to thank you for expanding our horizons and opening Patrick’s eyes to something he’d enjoy.

Would you recommend the tape and pump to other FOF couples?
Certainly. At our age, it’s fun to learn new things and then to experiment with them and to have them actually work and make things better than we ever thought that they could be.

It makes you realize that you haven’t learned everything already and that there are other things to do out there, even though we’re not as young as we used to be.

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