{Bedroom Confessions} “We flirt all day long!” So why does this duo need help in the bedroom?

Last month, we gave 12 FOF couples or singles the chance to win one of Sinclair Institute’s outstanding sex education videos. Sinclair has been helping people rev up their sex lives since 1991 and  is the leading source of sexual health products and videos in the United States.  Its Better Sex Video Series® has sold over four million videos in over 30 countries. Featuring real couples in loving and committed relationships, the videos explain and show us the stuff that turns them–and will turn you–ON!

We asked contest entrants which video they would most like to win. Then, we interviewed the winners–asking them to “bare all” about their sex lives. After they receive and watch the video of their choice, we will follow up and publish the interview here on the SEXcellent blog.

Below, is our second installment–an interview with FOF Sandra, 53, who entered the contest with her husband Mark, 60.

How long have you and Mark been married?
Three years….we’re newlyweds!  We had both been married before. We were both single for a couple years after being divorced.  We met online–like everyone these days.

Do you have children?
We have kids by our previous marriages. Mark has four adult children and I have two adult children and a 12 year old who lives with us.

What do you do for a living?
My husband owns his own business, and I work for him. I manage the office.

How often do you have sex?
This last year our sex has varied from once a month to four times a month.

Has your sex life changed as a couple since you got together?
I think the sex itself is better than it was in the beginning, because we communicate well and we’ve only grown closer as a couple.  We really adore each other…we flirt in the office all day long! But, we’re not having sex as much as we’d both like to.

How often would you like to have sex?
Both of us would like to have sex at least three times a week–with a quickie here and there.

Are there any specific issues that you feel are hindering your sex life?
My libido is lower since I’ve turned fifty. I still enjoy sex, but I just don’t have the desire like I used to. When it’s happening, I’m happy, but I don’t always seek it out. Also, I’m a little overweight. I have put on 20 pounds since last June, and it affects me physically and mentally day and night.

Do you think your weight is an issue for your husband as well? Or is it more your hang up?
My husband is very attracted to me and has never allowed my weight to be an issue for him. So, yes, it is more my hang up.

How do you and your husband differ when it comes to sex?  
We don’t really differ in what we want to do, but his sex drive is high and mine is low, so sometimes I feel like I’m letting him down. He says he doesn’t feel that way at all, but I’m sure he would like us to be intimate more often. That’s one thing he’s hoping this will help with.

Is there anything you’d like your husband to do, sexually, that he doesn’t do now?  
I would like my husband to take more of the lead, and, more recently, to not come so quickly (mostly due to the fact we don’t have sex as often as we initially did).

Is there anything he’d like you to do?
He would like more oral sex. He would also like us to tease and take more time with each other.

Are you able to reach climax during sex?
I often have small orgasms, but rarely do I have a full blown climax.

How about your husband’s weight and health? Do these things affect your sex life at all?
My husband is overweight also, but he is in good health, has a lot of energy and gets around like a 40 year old.

Are there any other personal issues that you think make it difficult for you to enjoy sex?
Life–ha! But actually, it is life–and more specifically, stress. This last year has been a tough one with various business and family issues, including the loss of my mom. That and the extra weight wears on me, so I am exhausted at night. We haven’t had the alone time that we need.

When was the last time you two had great sex?
Ummm….  we both can’t remember, so it’s been a few months or so.

What do you hope these videos will help you accomplish?
Taking time to watch the videos will make us focus on us. We get busy with life, and we’re tired at night…so we skip that part. And we miss it, so we need to make it a priority. And hopefully we’ll learn something new.

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  1. Andrea Tucker says:

    I just made it to my half a mile mark on 20Th Day of April, turned 50 I was blessed to be born in this month and on this day, and to know their are a group of people who share this same day, I would like to thank God for blessing me with seeing another year and being able to embrace this opportunity to live like no other.


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