The Pulse to Get Your Pulse Racing

My partner and I are canoodling in bed, and we’re both in the mood for more. I call a timeout as I fiddle around in my nightstand drawer for the tube of lubricant.  By the time I unscrew the goop-rimmed cap, squeeze out the cold gel, and slather it on, the mood is gone! I despise that lube, and every other lube I’ve ever bought, but I need it. I absolutely need it.  

Nothing can throw cold water on a romantic interlude like the lubricants on the market. Cold buzz kill!  Definitely not sexy.

Okay, now try to imagine the same bedroom scene, only this time I can slip my arm over to a sleek-looking, seductively lit device sitting on my nightstand, and with a wave of a hand (I don’t even have to look) out comes a deliciously warm lube right into my palm. I rub it on, my pulse speeds up, and I’m more in the mood for love!

Ladies, if the first scenario sounds familiar, and the second sounds alluring, meet the Pulse your pulse has been waiting for: The Pulse Personal Lubricant Warming Dispenser. Simply pop a little Pulse Pod filled with healthy and soothing personal lubricant into the chic and modern device (think Apple-like design meets Nespresso coffee capsules), and it delivers warm, comforting servings of luxurious lube in a touchless, mess-free and hygienic way–on demand, when I want them. Engineering at its most elegant. Just fabulous!


The fresh personal Pulse lubricants, Aloe-Ahh and H2Oh!, come in silicone or natural water-based formulas with highly moisturizing and soothing ingredients including aloe, vitamin E, and pure chia extract. Read that again: Highly moisturizing and soothing ingredients!  I use silicone because it doesn’t absorb into the skin and I need a longer-lasting lubrication. But whatever choice you make, you’ll get a silky slickness without a bit of stickiness.  These FDA-cleared luscious lubes are unscented, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The Lubricant Pods can be used by hand, as well as with the Pulse Warming Dispenser, so you can take them on the go when you travel. AND, the Pods are recyclable (the company is sensitive to the environment)!

Pulse made its debut in my life when I met creator Amy Buckalter at a meeting of the North American Menopause Society.  Like countless other women, including me, Amy turned to lubricants to help ease her perimenopausal pain and discomfort during sex, but found them inconvenient, overly messy, and annoyingly cold. “Besides, who wants petrochemicals, parabens, and other infection-causing harmful ingredients in their hoo-ha,” she frowned Since she couldn’t find a single product to bring back the “warmth, comfort, and slip” she used to enjoy, Amy decided to develop something that would!   

Happily, Pulse made it possible for me to say farewell to those gummy and cloying lubricants, as well as the popular brands I’d tried that created a warming sensation.  Turns out the not-so-healthy chemicals that reproduce warmth actually irritate and dehydrate the delicate vaginal tissues.  “A well-known lube had a burning feeling, and when my boyfriend left the dripping tube on my night table, it literally took off the paint,” gasped my good friend, Terry.

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My new Pulse Warming Dispenser uses safe, inductive heating that serves up nine pre-measured doses of soothing lube from each pod.  And, the airless pump technology keeps out air that can cause bacteria, contamination, and infection. The best cosmetic brands incorporate the same technology into their high-end products.

“Pulse is warm, beautiful and easy, and reintroduces sensuality, especially for women in the mid-life stage, when vaginal dryness becomes the new normal,” Amy said. “Sexuality is a lifelong gift, and if we throw up our hands and say ‘I don’t need it, I don’t want it, I’m done with it,’ then we’re depriving ourselves of a positive physical and emotional experience that we still can, and should, enjoy. Never sacrifice feeling in touch with your sexuality,” Amy wisely told me. Pulse will become part of the sexiness of the evening, and its six different softly colored lights will help set the mood.

Bring out your sensuality over and over and over!

While developing Pulse, Amy was surprised by what she learned at focus groups of women under and over 40 years old.  “Many of the older women either didn’t know that lubricants could make them more comfortable, or they were embarrassed that they needed to use lubricant. The younger women were completely relaxed and open about their experiences with lubricants and said they enjoyed the extra feeling of sexuality when they used lube with their partners, or with sex toys. They didn’t see lubricant as a statement of their body’s inabilities, but told us that it gave them a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.  The younger women who incorporated lubricant into their rituals gave the ladies over 40 something to think about,” Amy reported.  

“Hey, why shouldn’t we use something that makes sex better and more fun?” Amy said.


The Pulse Warming Dispenser should be your bedside buddy, whether or not you have a partner, stressed Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the acclaimed author, researcher, and television personality who has devoted her life to furthering the fields of intimacy and sexuality.  “Masturbation should be a lifelong habit for women for a lot of reasons. We own the capacity to help our bodies function well; to give ourselves pleasure and get a flood of oxytocin; to feel the blissful flood of hormones produced by sexual arousal.  You shouldn’t have to give that up. It’s great to feel good about your body,” Dr. Schwartz added. The highly respected sex expert (the University of Minnesota is creating a Professorship in Sexuality and Aging in her name, as a matter of fact) thought so much of Pulse, she agreed to sit on the Amy’s Advisory Board. That’s a great testament to the power of the product.

 “Over 95 percent of men masturbate, but it’s less than half for women because  we’ve been brainwashed that we shouldn’t do it. Masturbation is good for you whether you’re married, partnered or single.”
Dr. Pepper Schwartz

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