He’s 77. She’s 72. They’re Still Enjoying Sex!


Following face-to-face interviews with a number of southern California doctors, Ann and Harvey chose a prosthetic urologist who had performed many penile implant procedures. He also made them feel comfortable about the journey on which they were about to embark, Ann noted. (“If you have a Ford auto, you don’t take it to a Chevrolet dealer to get it repaired,” Harvey kidded.) All the doctors actually gave Harvey a sample of the implant so he could play with it and understand what would be going on inside his body after the surgery.

Harvey was given general anaesthesia during the surgery, which took 40 minutes and went off without a hitch. He spent the night in the hospital with a catheter and was released the next morning. “I waddled almost like a duck because of the swelling, but I had no discomfort whatsoever,” Harvey said.  (Note: This was Harvey’s experience and is not representative of all people.) Armed with an ice pack, he was anxious to get home. The swelling went down about four days later and Harvey was comfortable walking around and going about his normal daily routines.

Harvey’s bandages were removed two weeks later and there was nothing he couldn’t do, except to have sex. He’d have to wait another four weeks for that. When Harvey and Ann returned to the doctor a month later, Harvey successfully pumped up his implant and released it. “I was just thrilled,” said Ann, who accompanied her husband on all of his urologist appointments. “Anyone who has this procedure should have their spouse or partner with them and on board,” she advised.  “It would be very difficult for a relationship if a man thought he’d surprise his wife by getting an implant, but she didn’t want to continue having sex.”

At the close of the final appointment,  the doctor told Ann and Harvey, “‘Okay, now go home and have some fun,’” Harvey recalled. “I was ready to go. I was a man again,” he said.


Ann and Harvey have been having lots of fun since the implant was inserted. “Emotionally it’s just wonderful because you  have confidence you’re going to have a good experience every time intimacy is initiated,” said Ann, who has had a hysterectomy. “You can have an intimate moment anywhere, any place, any time.” Ann also said her libido is a lot better since she retired from the stressful commercial real estate business. “Now I can relax and enjoy sex,” she added.

Although Harvey’s penis becomes erect only when he pumps up the implant, he said his physical and mental sexual feelings are the same as they were pre-ED, and he still experiences orgasms. “You also couldn’t tell I had an implant if you looked at me naked. Nothing is exposed,” Harvey chuckled. And, the penis feels “totally normal, whether it’s flaccid or erect,” Ann reported. What’s more, nothing whatsoever has gone screwy with the implant. ”It’s stayed completely functional since the first time we used it,” Harvey said.

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