Evolve Your Sex Life After 50 With The Tiani 24k

Your sex life is about to get a little more luxe in the new year!

Sex devices are more sophisticated than ever. Consider the new TIANI 24k, a couples’ massager with a heart of gold! LELO, the world leader in intimate lifestyle products, has evolved the TIANI series to its fourth generation, not only by giving it more power and features, but by jazzing it up with a 24-karat gold ring that features a unique serial code, just for you and your partner.

“Both partners receive equal stimulation, and all the sensations of sex are elevated,” says a LELO spokesperson.


If you’ve never heard of a couples’ massager, here’s how it works: The thinner “arm” of the two-armed massager is designed to be inserted into the vagina for your G-spot stimulation,  while the second arm remains outside the vagina for clitoral stimulation…

There is a motor in each arm, so you and your partner can both enjoy the vibrations. The TIANI 24k also is  flexible, so it can bend to adjust to all body sizes.

The vibrations can either be controlled right on the TIANI 24k or via remote control, featuring LELO’s SenseMotion technology. Learn how it works by watching this well-done video.

The TIANI 24k features eight pleasure settings, from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse. It’s rechargeable, waterproof and made of body-safe silicone.

“If you’ve been looking for a couple’s toy for a while, look no further. This is the ultimate couples tool. When my wife wears it, we both enjoy the vibrations, and coupled with the gold band, it adds luxury to an overall pleasurable experience,” said Ryan.

To learn more about the TIANI 24k, visit LELO here. This amazing couples’ massager is at a special 50% off price for $199 through December 31st (normal retail price of $399). This will be the ultimate holiday gift for any couple.

This post is sponsored by LELO.

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    I can see my husband’s face now. Damn…..

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    Woo-hoo! This would make a Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. carolineno says:

    Waterproof and Wireless!


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