Increase Your Libido, Starting Today!

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Fiera® has been all the rage with women who want to assure their sexual health after menopause.

A small, hands-free personal care device that increases libido and enhances arousal, Fiera is like no other tool to help you reconnect with your partner. It’s comfortable, easy to handle, and a game-changer for women who want to recharge their relationships naturally and effectively.

FabOverFifty gave Fiera units to 20 women for free, and asked them to report back after using the product for three to four weeks. Happily, the reviews are outstanding!

“At age 68 this was a game changer. I have never used anything like this before and was a bit timid of trying something new. I found a new lease on my sex life with my husband. While I am still timid of talking about something like this with others, I will try to let friends know about this little device. It is a great help in increasing arousal and readiness for intimacy with my husband,” Carolyn reported.

“I had high hopes when I was picked to try Fiera, and WOW! It worked very well, and I think a few of my friends would like to reconnect with their partners as well. I would quite strongly recommend this product,” said Vicki.

“It’s really given me a boost in sexuality, and I want to share it with others that need it,” wrote Renee.

“Since being unceremoniously forced into menopause due to breast cancer treatments my sex life had basically gone down the drain. Not that I wanted it to! My desire for something better led me to try Fiera. It has definitely turned things around for me! Increased lubrication and sensation has led to now looking forward to sex instead of dreading it. I highly recommend!” said Kathleen.

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