Best Bets for A Relaxing Bath

A warm bath is an easy, soothing and fun way to unwind after a strenuous gym session or a
tough day at work.

This quiet time will help get you back on track for a good night’s rest or whatever else is ahead! Not only should you have the right accoutrements for the perfect bath, but make sure you’re taking slow, deep breaths to stay relaxed. These six items will help.

1. Pillow Talk

It’s no fun resting your head right on the ceramic tub. Bath pillows range from small, bean-shaped foam to large rectangles filled with a waterproof polyester blend. Choose one that supports your neck and is ultra-plush, such as this curved pillow from Pretika Bath & Shower, made with memory foam! The pillow is large enough for full neck support, has a soft micro-touch fabric cover, and a remote control for a vibration function.

2. The Sound of Music

Take a tip from luxury spas that use calming music, such as the sounds of the ocean or birds in the jungle, to keep you relaxed during your treatments. Bring the same sounds right into your bathroom, with an aromatherapy playlist or album to chill you out. We love the albums from Serenity Spa Music.

3. She’s Got The Vibe

Have your best bath ever with this waterproof vibrator. The Revel Body SOL generates vibration and suction when the concave side is used underwater and held again the body. “It is a sensation unlike any other,” says Geri, FOFounder. Featuring a range of speeds and a trio of tips, this little device just may turn you into a water nymph.

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4. Keep This Oil To Yourself

Essential oils comes in more “flavors” than Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and are said to have numerous healing effects, including allergy and stress relief. DoTERRA offers a large selection of oils—lavender to peppermint—that range from $13 to $100 for 15ml.

5. Won’t You Be My Sugar

Bring a scrub to the tub and you’ll walk out with skin that feels silky soft. Exfoliating sugar scrubs, from Two Good Scents, have delightful fragrances, including Pumpkin Pecan and Rice Flower & Shea Butter. The sugar melts away in the bath.

6. Guiding Light

Dim the lights and strike up the matches! No bath is complete without a candle, or five, to set the mood. Whether you like candles that give off sweet, woodsy or spicy scents, you’ll warm up to the collection from Jo Malone. We’re partial to its Orange Blossom and Nectarine Blossom & Honey candles.

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    who knew they had waterproof vibrators

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