Get Your Hands on These Toys in 2019

Have you heard the story of the woman in Cincinnati who came home from a party with a shopping bag filled with goodies, which she shared with her husband that night. When he woke the next morning, he turned to her and said: “That was better than any second honeymoon I could have planned.” She wholeheartedly agreed.

The goodies were adult toys the woman bought at a Pure Romance in-home party, for women only! If you’ve used sex toys, you’ll understand how the couple felt. If you’ve never used them, or even thought about using them, I urge you to consider giving one a try, for your pleasure and for your sexual health.  I never played with adult toys until I was in my fifties, but once I understood their significance, and found the right ones, they changed my life.  You don’t need a partner either.

Below are three best-selling Pure Romance toys and three of its popular beauty products. Each of them will make you feel sensational. What’s more, they’re well made and exceptionally priced. Be sure to read the testimonials from real customers after each product description.


to buy, and enter code fab10 for 10 percent off your initial order.


P.S. And, learn about Pure Romance in-home parties here. Once you and your pals attend one, you’ll wonder what took you so long.



Prevent those irritating and unsightly little red bumps from popping up on your bikini area, underarms, legs and anywhere else you shave with Coochy Love Story, a delightful conditioning shave cream.  What’s more, the rich formula will help your skin look sexy, smell delicious and feel super soft. Many women use it as a hair conditioner, too.

“The best shaving cream I have ever used. Been using it for many years.” Talina S.



Featuring 10 speeds of independently controlled clitoral and shaft vibration, plus a G-spot-pleasing tip, Main Attraction is a food-grade silicone, dual-action vibrator. It’s a fact that a higher percentage of women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation because the clitoris has so many nerves, but it’s very hard for a man to help you do that and and penetrate at the same time.  This toy gives you just what you desire.

“This magnificent wonder has paid for itself so much that I owe IT money!!! I’m just saying!!! Get it ladies!! You. Will. Not. Be. Sorry!”   L.A.

“No toy has ever taken me to climax on its own, but this thing accomplished the impossible…in 5 minutes flat. And the response was ultra strong. This may be the perfect toy, really.”  Storybook Fragments



After a relaxing warm bath or shower, caress your body with a mist that’s infused with sweet almond oil.  A few spritzes of Body Dew Love Story and your skin will get back the softness that the cold winter wants to take away!

“10 star really in rating. This is my favorite way to moisturize! Right after a shower spritz yourself with this liquid gold. I can promise you your skin will thank you! Just remember a little goes a long way!”  Lindsay C.



A silicone clitoral vibrator with six rhythmic speeds and pulsating patterns, Kaia cups perfectly in your hand and can be used while your partner is penetrating. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you don’t achieve orgasm through penetration alone. When you introduce Kaia into your relationship, with its uniquely shaped wings, your pleasure and confidence will soar.

“Love love love it! From the material to the fact that it’s water-resistant and the vibration changes – This is awesome!” Ellen H.

“Life Changing. Best clitoris stimulator. Makes your whole body tremble and you finish every single time. Multiple times. Kaia is definitely a life changer!!” JL



A roll-on sex attractant that enhances your natural allure by releasing your unique scent, Basic Instinct can be used alone or layered with your favorite scent.

“I love the scent of this. It makes me smile when I put it on so I always feel good when I wear it. Which is everyday. It goes with my perfume so it doesn’t clash. And even my crabby boss seems nicer when he is around me. That alone is worth it.” Debby F.



Offering 30 vibrations and pulsing patterns, Opening Act is a silicone clitorial vibrator that also can dance down your every curve to provide a thrilling full-body massage. How’s that for complete satisfaction!

“I had this one before, I absolutely love it. It changed the way I climax and it has made sex so much more enjoyable!! Unfortunately my first one died after three years, just outside the warranty… but I can’t live without it. Here’s to four more years!”  Shelby S.

I highly recommend! Gets the job done quickly alone or with my husband. Charges fast and seems to be quiet, although I’m not 😉. Very happy with my purchase.” Jackie E.


 to buy, and enter code fab10 for 10 percent off your initial order.

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