Time To Tune Into Remote-Controlled Sex



This bullet-style massager can be used anywhere — in the bedroom or even in public. Yes, you read that right!  Hand over the remote control to your partner and he can help you experience intense pleasure at home, or when you’re in a romantic restaurant or at a lovey dovey movie. “My partner and I love this set. We’ve used it in public, when we go for walks, or even over dinner. It is SO HOT — inexplicably sexy for us to look each other in the eye as one person feels the vibrations and the other one controls,” says Mindy.


A stunning couples’ massager, featuring dual arms and a 24-karat gold band, Tiani 24K will equally stimulate both of you. The smaller arm stimulates the G-spot, while the larger arm stimulates the clitoris. Your partner will feel the sensations from the motors in the two arms during intercourse. This is a sparkly toy you must have!


PicoBong has introduced Remoji, an app that connects your phone to the four sex toys, described above, using Bluetooth. Through this one-of-a-kind app, you and your partner can use your smartphones to turn on and use each other’s toys. Talk about discreet! We’ve never seen anything like this before, and PicoBong offers four of its own titillating toys to use with its app. Check out the successful Remoji Indiegogo campaign, to learn more about this exciting new way to experience sex.

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