Va-Va-Voom! Make A ‘VeeLine’ to the Vagina Videos

Google the words “orgasm” and “masturbation” and you’ll be directed to website after website (not counting porn sites) that offer countless dry and b-o-r-i-n-g written guides on how to master your techniques.  It’s like reading a 3,000-word instruction booklet on putting together a piece of IKEA furniture, or a travel guide on Paris, without a single photo. One site attempts to liven it up by using cartoony illustrations. These are pathetic attempts to help us achieve what should be one of the most pleasurable experiences of our lives!  

Now go to a new website, OMGyes, and you’ll see genuine, honest and explicit videos of very real women who demonstrate, on their own bodies, how they masturbate to achieve orgasm. The first series of 62 short videos covers techniques called edging, hinting, and layering, with each woman showing and explaining how a specific method of masturbating works for her and makes her feel so good.

Partnering with researchers at Indiana Institute and Kinsey Institute, OMGyes conducted the first ever large-scale studies to understand the different ways different women experience pleasure. The techniques come from the collective experience of over 2,000 women, ages 18 to 95, and OMGyes learned that lots of women share similar techniques to achieve more pleasure and better orgasms. Statistics on the site report the popularity of each style, and a new technology lets you try the techniques, giving you feedback until they’re crystal clear.  

You’ll Love The Climax

The videos are sea changing, natural, refreshing, informative and short, designed so that women, men and couples can explore ways to make a great thing even better. It’s never too late to get new tips on an activity you’ve been doing for decades! Believe me. I tried one or two after I watched, and they worked like a charm! Whether you achieve orgasm with a partner, or all on your own, OMGyes will give you a new outlook on a centuries-old practice.

I especially like the section on signaling, which covers how you and your partner can find comfortable and specific ways to guide each other to what feels best. “Signaling isn’t criticism.  It’s simply a way to indicate that you want to explore more of what feels good,” the site explains. This might include putting your partner’s hand over your hand while you masturbate or giving him verbal clues. Ninety-one percent of women in the OMGyes studies said the best lovers take the time to learn what their partners like.

Isn’t it odd that we don’t dare discuss the act of masturbation, when most red (and blue blooded) Americans do it? Why does this kind of self pleasure embarrass us? Many of us keep our private parts so private, we don’t even understand them, no less look at them. And why are many of us afraid to tell our partners how we’d like them to touch us.

“The details of women’s sexual pleasure have hidden in the shadows for far too long, and the taboo hasn’t helped anyone. People are ready for an honest, clear-headed look at the nuances that can make all the difference in pleasure. No blushing, no shame,” said OMGyes founders, Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins.

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