You’re Never Too Old to Play With (These) Toys!

What happens at the parties?

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“Pure Romance consultants talk about the products, how to use them, and how each woman can find the right products specifically for her. They don’t pressure anyone into buying anything. Their goal is to eliminate any reservations a woman might have about intimacy products, and help her recognize their value. A woman walking out of a party with a bagful of products should be able to envision using them with her significant other, or by herself. Consultants explain that Pure Romance toys help out your partner by taking the weight off of him to perform every single time. It’s not his responsibility to give you an orgasm.

“Parties don’t just help women who have partners. Our consultants tell divorced women and widows–in a fun way– that Pure Romance products will prevent vaginal atrophy, which can make sex painful. It’s better for a woman to use sex toys than pick the wrong man.”


What do you say to a woman who has never used a sex toy or says ‘this is not for me’?

“If a consultant presents well, a woman who never thought it was okay to buy a sex toy will have a new world opened for her, and tell the consultant she did a great job. Women love education, and we want to educate them to feel confident enough to buy our products.  Talking about intimacy also can be uncomfortable for some women; we help put humor into the situation so it builds comfort for them.”

What are the requirements to become a Pure Romance consultant and what support do you give them?

“We have 30,000 consultants in the United states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It’s easy to become one, and you’re never too old to come on board. We have consultants in their seventies. At the end of a party a consultant will talk about her personal experiences with Pure Romance and what she’s learned. A section on our website guides interested women. New consultants are required to buy a kit of merchandise because when women come to parties they want to take the products home right away, and use them and what they learned with their significant others.

“We have yearly training seminars and consultants can train online. My son Chris is the CEO and travels around the world to teach consultants how to operate their businesses. We also have 9 a.m.- midnight EST customer service so you’re always supported if you have questions. We always tell consultants that they’re in business for themselves, but they’re not by themselves.”


Note from Geri: I asked Patty to send me a testimonial from one of her consultants.  Here’s what Patty Marmann, from Portland, OR, had to say about her experience with Pure Romance:

“I joined Pure Romance 12 years ago as a side job, while working as a Charge Nurse in a Level 1 Trauma/Neuro ICU. I loved that job but felt like something was missing. I worked 12 hours on my feet all day–lifting, turning, moving, troubleshooting–and would come home exhausted! I was in my 40’s, happy with my job, but not satisfied. Today, I am happily satisfied and loving my 12 years as a Pure Romance consultant!! I’ll never forget one specific week, about nine years ago–I held three parties and met women who had been married 50, 30, and 22 years, but none of them had ever had an orgasm–until they met me. I think I’m in their wills–lol.  On a serious note, they did not know what they were missing. With the Information I’ve learned through Pure Romance and our product line, one $20 product saved a marriage, helped one rediscover her sensual self, and another boost her self-esteem. You are never too old to re-discover your sensual sexual self!”

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How many parties do consultants hold?

“We’ve thrown over one million in-home parties. A successful consultant can do four parties a week.  Consultants have held parties for five women who bought $1,000 worth of products, and for 35 women women who purchased $5,300 in products. I’ve done parties for three generations. A daughter will have a party which her mother and grandmother will attend.”


Where are your products produced?

“Our motors are built in China and our toys are manufactured there as well. Our lubricants and beauty products  are made in the US, and we own all the recipes for our beauty products. All of our toy and beauty product packaging is designed by our all-female team in Cincinnati.  My biggest accomplishment is empowering women.

“We change products often so you’ll always see something new at a party and learn something new every time. We like to introduce products each season, such as beauty products with winter and summer scents, or toys with new colors. We want to bring toys with new color or sparkle into your bedroom for fun.”

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