The Best 600 Seconds Of Your Life

If you were forced to relive one 10-minute block of your life again and again for all eternity, what 10 minutes of your life would you choose?
“My last orgasm!”
Deanna Fernandez
The first 10 minutes I held both my kids for first time, and grandkids too, but I wouldn’t want to live it forever because I would miss out on them now!
Barbara Stanisci
Any 10 minutes spent with my dad, whether we were working together, fixing up a motorbike, helping each other out or just having a brew and a laugh. Miss him so much💔
John Harris
“The first time I realized ALL my kids had turned out to be amazing adults!”
Jill Jenkins Biggs

“This will sound risqué but it’s not— wedding night evening, got to the hotel with my husband. Got out of my dress after about 6 hours in it, all the pins out of my hair, took an awesome shower and changed into comfy clothes. Start the timer here- sat with hubby on the bed talking, eating goodies, and more wedding cake (strawberry cheesecake that was to die for.)

That 10 minutes of relaxing, just the two of us, without a concern in the world right after our wedding and everything was done. It was the first 10 minutes that weren’t orchestrated, planned, or involving anyone else. I’d die happy living in that moment forever.

Sarah Noël
A particular day with a particular guy and a hug that was incredible. Just like a movie. I wish I had realized then what I realized much later regarding him.
Deborah Larson
“Any 10 minutes with my mom.”
Becky Davies
“Powder skiing in shoulder deep snow at Snowbird Utah.
Riley Mo
“My first kiss.”
JoAnn Evans

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