The FOF Behind The Top-Notch Tops!

We can’t stop raving about Covered Perfectly tops. They’ve got style, but they’re still super-soft and cuddly. They wash beautifully. They make every FOF body look good, so you don’t have to pull down the front or back to cover your belly or tush. And they’re priced beautifully.

The woman behind the Covered Perfectly line. Pauline Durban is as lovely as her tops.

Why do you think so few suitable clothing options are available for FabOverFifty women?

The designers seemed to have forgotten about us, which makes absolutely no sense, as we have more spendable income than the younger generation. You can find suitable pieces here and there, but you have to comb through the racks. My goal was to put together a variety of fabulous options, and to make the entire collection available on one user-friendly site.

How did you succeed in combining style with cover ability in your tops?

The concept was simple. I loved so many of the fashion-forward styles that were out there, but there was always something that didn’t work for my body type. I would think, ‘This would be a great top if the sleeves were a bit longer, or the middle a bit looser. What about a drape of fabric here or there?’ So, my styles follow the trends, with a bit of modification.

What’s your best-selling top and why do you think it’s the top seller?

“Simple Comfort” is the top seller, by far. I think the simple style gives women great options for dressing it up or down. It looks amazing with chunky jewelry or a bright scarf, and is also perfect for layering. It is a truly versatile top. I have customers who have purchased it in every color!

Are you expanding the collection in terms of sizes, colors, styles and fabrications?

Absolutely! Plus sizes are now available in four styles with more being added by the end of October. “Simple Comfort” is now available in five new bold, beautiful colors just in time for Christmas. Plus, I‘ve added four new patterns all of which are available in plus sizes.

How did you decide on the fabric you use?

It is no secret that as we become older, our skin becomes dryer. Rough fabric can be very irritating. It was important for me to find a material that was so soft, that it would actually feel soothing against the skin. MicroModal is the sumptuously soft fabric that I use in the majority of my tops, and any other fabric that I use must pass the softness test. Comfort is as important as style in the Covered Perfectly line.

What’s your favorite top and why?

I’ve designed them, so of course, I like each and every one. If I had to pick just one, it would be the “Open Collar”. It has a very flattering cut with a slight flair, that looks great on every body type, and the finish on the cuff and collar gives it a subtly tailored look. And, like all of the Covered Perfectly tops, it dresses up or down with ease. I just added a new design that exceeded my expectations and it’s my new favorite, and will be available by the end of October in beautiful bold colors and a leopard design that I can’t resist.

What are your customers reporting back about your tops?

The collection has gotten rave reviews and the feedback has been amazing. Women consistently comment on the incredible softness and comfort, as well as flattering fit and style. I am very open to my customers’ input, and try to give people what they want. That’s why we introduced plus sizes.

What advice do you have about the size to order?

The collection is true to size. I would suggest if someone normally wears a Medium/Large that they go with Medium. If you like your tops on the loose side go for bigger. Shipping is free both ways in the US, so exchanging for a different size is always easy.

Customer service will always be a priority for me. It’s important that we take care of every customer so she’s happy. We want to make shopping with Covered Perfectly a fabulous experience from the moment you place your order to the time that you finally have “just the right thing to wear!”

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P.S. We are now shipping to Canada and Mexico for a flat rate of $14.95!

P.P.S. If you need to return your top for any reason it’s free to ship back to Pauline!

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  1. Judy Langdale says:

    I’ve already ordered/received three of these tops, taking advantage of the discounts offered and free shipping…….totally satisfied; fabric, quality, colors are great.

  2. mxkh says:

    What about petite sizing?

    • Covered Perfectly says:

      Hi there. The blonde model (Dana) is 5’2″. Check out the tops that she is wearing. Thank you. Pauline


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