5 taboos that we’ve broken

Back in the day…

Imagine coming home from college for Christmas vacation, in 1967, with a pretty little tattoo on your arm. Or announcing you were dating someone with a different color skin or of the same sex. Your parents probably would have keeled over. Well, we didn’t blink an eye when our daughter had her (now former) boyfriend’s initials inked on her wrist or we heard our son’s best friend married another man. We even have ladybugs and hearts tattooed on our own feet and arms.

Taboo then. Nifty Now. What other taboos have we broken? 

1.  Plastic surgery: Fogies to FOFs


2. Gay marriage and relationships: Closeted to Cool


3. Pot: Underground to Universal


4.  Tattoos: Sailors to Sophisticated


5. Interracial couples: Chastised to Celebrated

interracial marriage

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5 Responses to “5 taboos that we’ve broken”

  1. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    I am 58 now, when I was 17 I decided I wanted a tattoo on my back right shoulder blade, my parents are very open to all ideas my sister and I had, I told them both I wanted a beautiful Parrot tattoo my mom just shook her head my dad smiled, they knew I was going to get it, as long as my tattoo was not gory or ugly they agreed, I drew up what it may look like, I got their approval, now I did not really need their approval, it was important to me to include my parents, respect to them was always important to me, so off I went, I found a tattoo place and later found out the man was an ex Hells Angel, my first thought was “awesome” he will put in the colors and style I wanted, he drew it out and WOW, his wife and I both agreed Perfect” the wings were spread out the colors are awesome, he & his wife are very good people, now at 17 and also being a young woman tattoos were not something a young woman should have, I came home and my parents first words were, wow that is very good, no negative comments, thanks mom & dad I love and miss you two very much, now that they are both in Heaven I am going to have my tattoo modified with a tear coming out of my parrots eye and somewhere my mom & dads initials, oh yes, I received a lot of comments then both good and bad, so one more taboo broken…have a great FOF day

    • Geri says:

      hi patricia,

      love your story. would you be willing to send us a photo of your tattoo?

      geri, fof founder

  2. Donna says:

    I hate tattoos and am totally against the use of illegal drugs, which includes marijuana. And as someone said “if Susan Sarandan endorses it… I’m automatically against it. she attacks every moral fiber of my being.” Exactly my thoughts! As for plastic surgery, I have no problem with that.

  3. Deb hart says:

    About tattoos, I personally don care for them also, but that’s just my opinion. They should not be taboo. About gay couples…where do you live? Everyone I know know has a relative that is gay. Open your eyes and have a little empathy! This is the. 21st century. Get with it!!!

  4. Cecile Wheatley says:

    Where tatoos are concerned… my jury is still out on that one… it’s my own hang-up.. I think it outs you in a different category, not precisely higher.. but that’s me… Marihuana, interracial marriage, same-sex marriage… plastic surgery… all fine and dandy…



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