What To Absolutely Give Your ‘Kid’ Before He Heads Off For College

Pretty soon, your little chick is going to flee the nest and head off to college, for the first or fourth time, and you’ll be heading to Bed, Bath & Beyond for sheets, towels, and all the other necessities she’ll need to live on her own!

You also might want to include some of these in her (or his) luggage, to make her life as stress free as possible.

After all, that’s what parents are for, right?!


Even if he doesn’t display a framed photo of you and his siblings on his dorm dresser, he can stash it in a drawer and sneak a peak when he’s feeling homesick. This frame will also let him see you in action, which makes it that much cooler!   


Save her from making a mad dash to the drugstore when she cuts her leg shaving in the shower or develops a headache from too much studying.


Sure, the dorm or library has a printer your kid can use, but just think how much more time he can devote to writing the paper when he can print it right in his room.


When she’s got to run in the rain from the gym to an English lecture clear across the campus, she should do it in style with an umbrella that won’t fall apart the first time it meets a strong wind.


Buy a gift card for a cool restaurant near his campus, so he can enjoy a great dinner for a special occasion, like when he aces a final or for his birthday.

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