Sound Advice For First-Time Home Buyers

Whether you’re buying a house for the first time at 69 (like I did), or know a young couple purchasing their first home, we all could use a bit of sound advice before we officially make one of the most important decisions of our lives. Even if you have no intention of moving, pass this on to someone who is. They’ll be glad you did!

“1. Talk to the neighbors if they’re willing. Walk around the neighborhood, don’t drive, walk.

“2. An inspection is non-negotiable, do it no matter what.

“3. The costs are more than you think – window treatments, shower curtains, deposits for utilities, lawn tools, furnace filters, and even your welcome mat are going to cost money.

“4. Ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Over the past 22 years we’ve replaced the water heater twice, 3 dishwashers, 2 stoves, 2 washer/dryers, all windows, roof, heat system, flooring and painted the exterior 3 times all due to wear and tear.

“5. As silly as it sounds, think of your furniture placement. Will your giant sectional fit in the living room? Will your king size bed fit the master bedroom? What about that hutch grandma gave you that you love, where are you going to put that? Take measurements for everything, especially the spot for the refrigerator.”
Jodi Smith Rasar

“Find a knowledgeable realtor from the city you’re moving to, so that you can determine area, subdivision, amenities, and then focus on those areas with your realtor. After all, the seller pays the commission, and that is what we are there for.”
Gail Presson

“Go for a purchase price under what you qualify for. Be conservative. You don’t want a sudden change in finances to make you lose your home.”
Terri Gomez Schade

“Start a business in your home with a separate office. Claim the square footage of the office divided by full purchase price of the home, every year. Percentage of all household bills. Huge deductions.”
Sheila Jean Metcalf

“Not get in over their heads. Make sure they have the resources to pay the mortgage and bills that come with buying a home.”
Roxanne Muchko

“Make sure this is what YOU both want. A 20-25 or even a 30-year-mortgage is not what you want if you’re not of one accord!”
Joy S. Boyd

“Listen to the street noises. Buses, trains, airplanes, school bells.”
Suzanne White Anders

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