16 Tips On “Aging Gracefully” And One Contrarian!

We often hear the term “aging gracefully” bandied about by women, but while it may mean letting their hair go gray to some, it’s anything but that to others. And, if you’re like Kimberly, “aging gracefully” is just a lot of hokum.

“I don’t intend to age gracefully. I intend to fly into home plate, covered in mud, laughing out loud, hair flying, hollering ‘It’s been a great ride.’”
Kimberly Feder

To me, aging gracefully means letting it happen, not fighting it tooth and nail. Mostly in looks. Yes, take care of yourself. But live, too. I am 55. I don’t dye my hair anymore, and I don’t feel it makes me look old either. It’s just who I am and what I look like now. To me trying to hide it is not aging gracefully at all. It’s not about how one looks anyhow!”
Mechelle Hutchinson

“Love yourself. Laugh as much as possible. Do yoga daily. Use as little makeup as possible, which allows your inner beauty to shine. Let it go. All if it. Breathe deep. Take wonder in the little things. Drink lots of water. Eat an apple a day. Move your body. Use your mind. Feed your soul. Love all who matter. Have a cat or two. Be kind. Be peaceful. Give thanks for each day you wake up on the right side of the grass. Wear what makes you happy. Smile.”
Kellie Suzanne

Stay healthy, keep moving, find ways to make others feel good about themselves, and most importantly, find how to feel good about yourself. You are continuing to grow and improve. Find ways to share yourself and your knowledge with your network.”
Patricia Duguay

Commit yourself to lifting weights at least three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes, even if only light weights.  It will change the way you feel and look exponentially.”
Teresa A. Brown

Accept that your body and face change. A few wrinkles and grey hair aren’t so bad after all.”
Kate Swigonski

Self care should be at the top of your list!”
Pamela Johnson

Never stop learning, keep discovering the new.”
Julie Jacob  

Take up gardening. You will get exercise like you’ve never exercised before.”
Ellenmarie Lindblad

Keep grandkids nearby. They keep me feeling young. Made Playdough cookies last night with granddaughter IsaBella. Time well spent!!!”
Sue Dickson

Take care of yourself and be confident in your own skin. Confidence and happiness are beautiful.”
Cindy Timms Mihalic  

Be interesting. Surround yourself with strong vibrant friends, enjoy your grandkids, listen to good music and dance, travel and laugh a lot.  Life is meant to be lived.”
Eileen Gorman Newton

Do your own thing! You made it that far, you deserve it. Just be kind.”
Kimberly Mincer

Always look in the mirror every day and love the person you see looking back at you, at any age.”
Iris R. Kuhn

Enjoy each milestone!! We are so worth it!!”
Holly Irene Oler

Age is just a number. Attitude is what makes the difference. We are all going to get old, so just embrace it and live life the way it is intended to be.”
Angie Kostantios

Stand up straight. Always work on your posture muscles.”
Beverly Bouslough Clark

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