Are Your “Kids” Best Friends?

Just because they’re siblings doesn’t mean they’re going to be “thick as thieves,” as the adage goes. Our “kids” might not even like each other. Although that might sadden some of us, many of us are realistic about the rift in our children’s relationships.

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Girl and boy, now 25 and 23. Used to be very close growing up. Then moved apart due to being so different and wanting so much different out of life. Both really great people though. She lives in Chicago, he lives close to us in Texas. They’re getting closer again, face timing, planning on a trip to visit soon. Really makes me happy, I think they’ll remain close now.”
Marshall Devall

Absolutely! Both boys, 19 & 22. They hang out together with the same group of friends! Play hockey together a couple times a week!”
Kim Liinamaa

“I’m very fortunate. My daughter and son, both married, talk on the phone almost daily and live very close to me. We are all very close.”
Alice Siegel Warren

“No, they haven’t spoken to each other in at least 10 years.”
Jodi Smith Rasar

“Very sad, but that is families. Some get on. Some don’t. Unfortunately mine don’t get along. Never have. Best left alone, I say.”
Mandy Reynolds

“The two youngest ones (daughter and son) are close but not with their older sister. Quite sad actually but they are adults and need to work out their own issues.”
Kathy Cooper

“I only have one child, and he loves himself. Does that count lol!!”
Christy Babbitt-Ryan

“Actually, yes. The girls are besties, and they get on well with their brothers, thank God.”
Lesley Alexandrou

“Yes, even though they are 10 years apart they are the best of friends, not just sisters.”
Sissy L Scott

“Absolutely not. Neither one is trustworthy. “It breaks my heart.”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

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