10 Beautiful Things To See As You Approach 60

1. Your day-old grandchild

2. Your first serving of solid food after a 24-hour colonoscopy fast

3. Your own smile

4. Perfect cholesterol and blood pressure readings

5. Your adult child in a truly
loving relationship

6. A full head of thick hair

7. Your healthy and spry
88-year-old parents

8. The end of a 45-minute aerobic workout

9. Your best friend’s embracing arms


10. A new day

What would you add
to this list?

0 Responses to “10 Beautiful Things To See As You Approach 60”

  1. Shirley Smeland says:

    Confidence that I didn’t have when I was younger..

  2. Lori Marshall says:

    Waking up and seeing my grandaughters beautiful face,after her surgery is over for fibros dysplacia,Lori

  3. Janice says:


    • Geri Brin says:

      Nice comment, Janice!


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