The Boldest Move You’ve Made After Turning 50

When we launched Fab Over Fifty 7.5 years ago, we knew what dynamic, passionate, driven women you are. But, when we read the bold things hundreds of you have done since turning fifty, we couldn’t adequately describe you with all the superlatives in the dictionary. We’ll leave it at INSPIRING!

Starting today, we bring you a selection of these physical, emotional, life-changing, unconventional, wild and wonderful moves.

Finishing my doctorate and made a decision for clean eating and nutritional balance/wellness..lost 60 pounds in 4 months….feel like I’m 30 again…best decision ever!!”    
Jacklyn Smith

Went back to college and earned my BA in Psychology. Joined The American Red Cross and helped provide disaster relief in North Carolina during Hurricane Mathew.”
Linda Cunningham

Ziplined in Jamaica to celebrate surviving breast cancer.”
Sandra Klein  

Quit a job I was at for 31 years!!”
Michelle Bunnell

Married my childhood sweetheart after being apart for over 35 years. Oh, and we went sky diving. Twice!”
Carol Hymen Stout

Went up in a helicopter over the smoky mountains at age 57, and I’d do it again now at 73.”
Mary Maine

Went through 48 states on a motorcycle.”
Barb Davison

Ended a relationship, accepted redundancy from 25-year-job and in the process of moving to my dream location to complete work on a 100-year-old house and set up smallholding on my wee one acre of island paradise off the west coast of Scotland.”
Shona MacLeod

Started doing triathlons. I needed a challenge that would make me feel younger and stronger during menopause.”
Lillian Fernley

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