The Boldest Move You’ve Made After Turning 50

When we launched Fab Over Fifty 7.5 years ago, we knew what dynamic, passionate, driven women you are. But, when we read the bold things hundreds of you have done since turning fifty, we couldn’t adequately describe you with all the superlatives in the dictionary. We’ll leave it at INSPIRING!

Today, we continue to bring you a selection of these physical, emotional, life-changing, unconventional, wild and wonderful moves.

I lost more than half my body weight; down 143 pounds.”
Cathy Skillen Hoffmeister

Went on an archaeological dig in Pompeii, traveled alone to Paris, moved to two different states, white water rafting, zip lining, online dating (ha!), earned my Master’s Degree in Art History, working on getting my PhD before I turn 60 next year! It’s been quite the decade. I’m a late bloomer!”
Jane Arney

Two years ago, at age 55, I started my own business. This year $500,000 in sales!!!!! Grammy living the dream!!!”
Carla Snyder Beaver

“Surviving cancer and three robberies.”
Patricia Lynn

Learned to scuba dive and dive all over the world. Also, learned to bow hunt for our food every fall/winter with my hubby!”
Dana Lynn Lambeth

Wrote and delivered my father’s eulogy….have always had a fear of public speaking.”
Bonnie Moritzky

Gave up my car to be a full time bicycle commuter at 55!”
Gina McCurdy

Getting my tragus pierced about a week after turning 50. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but to me it was.”
Susan Stamey

Rode a roller coaster for the first time!”
Debbie Jones Davis

Got the breast Implants that I have ALWAYS WANTED. My 50th B-day gift to me.”
Audrey Messer Dillon

Got divorced after 30 years. Then, I found my soul mate!”
Kathy Jankovsky

Got over getting older and now making most of life.”
Sheila Chamberlain

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