Meet Caris…With A Dash Of Pepper

Caris Vujcec is smart, savvy, and sexy. Yes, very sexy.

The American-born actress of Sicilian-Croatian descent recently celebrated a defining birthday, and knows well how the entertainment industry-at-large turns a blind eye to mature actresses. “The roles aren’t there. Our country, in particular, doesn’t think a woman is sexy after a certain age, or that anyone is interested in stories about women our age,” Caris says.

She references a five-minute comedy sketch with Amy Schumer, who stumbles upon Julia Louis Dreyfus, Tina Fey and Patricia Arquette while they’re celebrating Julia’s Last F**kable Day. “In every actress’ life, the media decides when you’ve finally reached the point where you’re not believably f**kable any more,” Julia explains to Amy. “It’s a humorous, sobering look at what the industry thinks of  women over forty” Caris adds. spacer

But now Caris is determined to help put an end to this attitude, and has joined a movement of women who are writing roles for this sector, including 46-year-old Shonda Rhimes, the TV producer, writer and author. Shonda created Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and produced How to Get Away With Murder, with 51-year-old Viola Davis.

Five years ago, Caris started working on The Pepper Project, which she describes as “a new female-centered sexy badass TV/digital series.” Pepper already has earned numerous awards on the festival circuit, and Caris aims to secure the funding to turn it into a full-fledged series. Read Geri’s review here!

FabOverFifty recently interviewed Caris about her impressive background, passionate attitudes and professional challenges.

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