Meet Caris…With A Dash Of Pepper

What have people been saying about Pepper?

“We’re excited about the overwhelmingly positive response. Pepper has been compared to shows like The Americans, Scandal, and The Good Wife, because I’ve presented a character real enough to sustain interest. We don’t see a lot of characters like this. They’re more likely to be buttoned up, less likely to have challenges around their personalities, including their sexuality and sensuality.”

Do you think you’ll still want to play ‘sexy’ parts when you’re 60?

“Well, how does one define sexy?  I’m not trying to shove it down anyone’s throat that you have to be half naked at my age, but, no, I don’t think I’ll be running around in a bra when I’m 60,” Caris laughs.

Will men also like Pepper?

“Absolutely. She’s an attractive, mysterious, powerful character. Pepper also has two ‘boys Friday,’  Archie and Bobby, who are her teammates. That’s a twist on a theme that I think many will enjoy.”

Is Pepper modeled after you?

“Like her, I’m single. I’ve had a great focus on my career for a number of years. There’s some sort of idea of perfection in society that if you haven’t had a career, a husband and a child, at this point in life, people think there’s something wrong with you.”

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