Meet Caris…With A Dash Of Pepper

I Give 5 Stars to
The Pepper Project

If you love the Showtime smash hit, Homeland, you’re going to love The Pepper Project even more.

Like CIA officer Carrie Mathison, ex-CIA agent Pepper is unattached. Like Carrie, Pepper is flawed. Like Carrie, Pepper is struggling. And, like Carrie, Pepper is smart and sexy. Unlike Carrie, Pepper is an older woman (maybe even 50), and that makes her one of us, a character we rarely see as the protagonist in a movie or TV show.

After watching Caris Vujcec play Pepper in the 22-minute pilot she conceived, wrote and co-produced, you’ll want to see a lot more of her to learn where she’s taking the fascinating character she seems to “wear like a glove.” We get glimpses of Pepper’s past–even as a child–but we don’t know precisely what brought her into the treacherous world in which she lives, and seems to thrive. Sexually manipulative and masterfully seductive, Pepper seamlessly glides between the roles of temptress and hired gun, and gets your attention from scene 1.

Bravo to Caris and her team for winning multiple awards for The Pepper Project on the Festival circuit, both here and abroad. They will, no doubt, help her secure the backing she needs to give Pepper a full and rewarding life!


P.S. Caris is looking for funding to develop The Pepper Project series. Producers should contact her at for more information.

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