Do Your ‘Kids’ Check In Or Are They Checked Out? That Is The Question!

We asked you how often your adult children call to say hello, and simply to check if everything is okay, and we learned that some of your ‘kids’ are saints and others, not so saintly. When you read about Alicemary Devln’s son, you just might want him as your own!

Mine do all the time. I have three girls but I did have four. One passed away, but she called. They are so good to me.”
Shirley Santos O’Hara Clark

Never. I used to call mine several times a week and visit them all the time. True they lived close but it doesn’t matter. Hubby would call his parents at least once a week as well, and they lived about four hours away. Sometimes months go by without hearing.”
Claudia Sheldon Cizin

My sweet son calls or texts me at least every other day. Sometimes it’s every day. He is the most thoughtful and loving son He is also a wonderful husband and dad.”
Gwen Sprayberry Carlson

When they’re in the MOOD”
Linda Pardesi

My son, rarely. My daughter, a few times per month.🙁 By contrast, I call my mother almost every day. I think millennials are just not phone people. It’s all texting and emails.”
Ophelia Bradfordshire

My son will text or call three or four times a week, and comes to spend the night on Saturday nights after he gets off work at midnight, and stays Sunday till about 9 or 10 p.m. Of course, he spends about 60 hours a week pursuing a degree in nursing (after a bachelor’s in criminal justice) and then works two nights a week to support himself, his car, and his apartment. Yesterday, he brought homework and studied a couple of hours, then put in 12 LED garden lamps to light the path in front of my home, broke down a lot of cardboard boxes and put them in the recycling bin, put together a chrome two-decker storage thing because I can’t see the tiny parts that well, and adjusted the irrigation computer box (we have been having heavy, heavy rains) for a rain delay setting so the lawns don’t get too much water. Then, he thanked me for a wonderful time as he left at 9:30. I consider myself an extremely fortunate and blessed mother. “
Alicemary Devlin  

Everyday, so proud of how they have grown to be excellent adults.”
Sheila Gonzalez Gonzalez

Sons call us every week. Daughter calls once in awhile. I spoke to my parents every day. When my dad went into a nursing home I would take my two preschoolers with me to visit him every day.”
Eileen Bauer

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