Do Your ‘Kids’ Check In Or Are They Checked Out? That Is The Question!

Never. They usually only call when they need something.”
Kelly Dilworth

I’m not a big phone conversationalist, but I do love that my son calls me nearly every weekend. Living/ working a couple states away.”
Paula Lawrence-Brown

Ten times a day… kidding lol…..FaceTime and calls and I LOVE it.”
Jackie Shoates

“Never. I get a call on my birthday, Mother’s Day & Christmas if they remember. #1 reason: they’re boys (men). Now, if the question had been about email & text, then I could say all the time.”
Jodi Smith Rasar

Twice a day, every morning and every night”
Njegovan Boja

I live in the same town as one daughter and she doesn’t do anything or check in me.”
Lourie Strickland

One some moved away and I don’t hear from him. I had major surgery and nothing. If I don’t serve a purpose for my other son, he doesn’t answer my text.  When I came home after my surgery, he said, ‘Are you fixed now?’ His girlfriend has been kind loving and so thoughtful.”
Erin Mullen Cochran

I just miss them, so anytime they call me is awesome!”
Dianna Foster O’Rourke

Check if I’m ok? If I passed away, I would likely be mummified by the time they got around to calling. Snicker…”
Jan Nielsen

My son lives 500 miles away and we used to text back and forth a couple of times a week. He’s married now, and if I want to talk to him I have to message him. It’s not that he doesn’t care or love me anymore. He’s just busier now that he has a wife.”
Laura Belle


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