{City Guide} Top Second-Hand Spots from Coast to Coast

Are you an Old Digger?

From a 1992 Armani Suit to a 1952 Chanel handbag, second-hand finds are a savvy FOF’s best friend. Here are 11 tried and true spots that FOFs turn to for timeless treasures.

1. William Temple, Portland OR
Portland’s better-vetted, lower-priced version of Goodwill sells furniture, vintage clothing and housewares. Proceeds support William Temple House’s mental health counseling, emergency social services and pastoral services. FOF Lisa Johnson says, “I love shopping at William Temple, a wonderful thrift store in Northwest Portland that my daughter turned me on to.”

2. Boomerang, Jamaica Plain, MA
FOF deeptodeep says, “My favorite place to shop is Boomerang, a large neighborhood thrift shop whose profits benefit Aids Action Committee. I find wonderful clothes there as well as cool assorted household items such as brand new West Elm sheer linen curtains that were $6 per panel (I purchased all six!) The stock changes constantly so there are always surprises and the potential for a score.”

3. Albright Fashion Library, New York, NY
FOF Linda Rodin says, “I love the Albright Fashion Library. Everyone from a Meryl Streep to a runway model goes there to get clothes for events. If you have your eye on a $20,000 designer dress, you can rent it at Albright for $2,000 a night. Or rent a Hermes handbag if you want to look groovy for a weekend.”

4. GreenFlea Market, New York, NY
FOF micheled says, “”I find great deals at a fabulous flea market on 77th St. and Columbus Ave. I bought a Tiffany vase for 5 dollars there. It had some discoloration on the bottom, but I fixed it up with a green pen. I also found a gorgeous black velvet cape lined in white with a hood and a pocket for gloves. I purchased this little gem for about $45 have used it over the years.”

5. The Antiques Garage Flea Market, New York, NY
FOF Audgar says, “My absolute favorite place for a great deal is the flea market on W. 25th St. on Saturdays and Sundays! Grab a cup of coffee and get there early!”

6. Regal Rags, Annapolis, MD. 410.224.3434
FOF Sue S. says, “This small, consignment shop just outside of D.C. re-sells only designer clothes. No one ever wants to wear their designer duds twice, with all the fancy affairs in D.C., so here they are…worn once and some with tags still on. And, the prices are unbelievable; I bought a beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater (with the tags still on) for 5 dollars!”


7. House of Lavande, Palm Beach, FL
FOF Mary Nedvins says, “”Every piece of jewelry there has a history.  The pieces are classic but carry an emotional reference to eras of days gone by.  And I know that no one else will be wearing what I’m wearing.”


8. Trashy Divas, New Orleans, LA

FOF Marybeth Bond says, “When I was writing my book, 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways, so many women told me ‘We love to go to thrift shop with our girlfriends. We take $10 and try to get something really funny for the other person.’ In New Orleans there’s no place like Trashy Divas on Magazine Street.”

9. Couture Allure, online. 617.281.8133
FOF Debra J. Bartgis says, “I met the owner, Jody on eBay seven or eight years ago. She’s very discriminating, her clothes are unique and she’s an extremely helpful seller. She will give you her opinion if she doesn’t think something is right for you.”

10. Rusty Rose Vintage Clothing, Solvang, CA. 805.688.8031
FOF joanspeirs says, “Sometimes I find the best deals on eBay, but it can be time consuming. I prefer to go to my favorite second hand/vintage clothing store Rusty Rose.”

What’s your fave place to shop second-hand? Click here to add your Fab Fave Shop.

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9 Responses to “{City Guide} Top Second-Hand Spots from Coast to Coast”

  1. Shellie says:

    And another high end consignment shop — top designers is Turnabout Shoppe in Wellesley, MA. Tremendous selection of the elite fashion designers worldwide.

  2. Shellie says:

    Second Time Around is in many MA locations and Portsmouth, NH. It’s a fab shop where you can consign, get credits and purchase at various times when their color coding system reflects deeper and deeper discounts! They are great at carrying mid to high range designer clothing and accessories. Love it!

  3. Mary V. says:

    Check out Past & Perfect, a little gem of a shop in the Hudson Valley of New york State. Lots of designer hand bags and great finds, even in plus sizes!

  4. karen s says:

    My favorite places to find vintage jewelry, clothing, furniture, dishes, etc., is garage sales. I’ve found the most wonderful pieces of vintage sterling silver pieces of jewelry that I would never have found anywhere else. I recently bought a lovely in almost mint condition mink stole in a light beige color. No holes, no rips, no fraying. The lady selling the stole wanted $10. I told her I was buying it for myself and that I was going to wear it with jeans and would she take $5. She took my offer and I now have a great stole to wear with jeans, dresses or anything else that I fancy to adorn with this great find.

  5. Ivy says:

    Goodwill & The Salvation Army!!! In 1979 I got a great alligator clutch from The Goodwill store in Tuskegee, Alabama for fifty cents!!!! I still have it and have event been made an offer a few times for a few hundred dollars!

  6. Gwen Dixie says:

    My closet. Unfortunately.

  7. Debbie N says:

    There is an awesome secondhand or thrift store in Emsworth right outside of the city of Pittsburgh. My friends and I make a day of it and go treasure hunting. You never know what treasure you may find!


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