This Free Online Course Could Change Your Life

It may be a long time since you’ve set foot in a classroom, but today you want to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, to be successful in our dynamic world.

You might be on embarking on an exciting new challenge. Perhaps you’re changing jobs or your career. Or maybe you’re going back to work, after years, now that the kids are far from kids.


Learn how to take charge of yourself, your talents and strengths, your emotions and passions, so you can confidently move ahead to achieve your goals. And do it all in the comfort of your own home, in slightly more than one week. For free!  

The only thing you’ll need is the willingness to  look at yourself and your surroundings, in new ways, and apply what you discover to help set you solidly on a new path.

The Concordia Leadership Course, created by Concordia University Wisconsin, includes worksheets, videos, interactive polls, and downloaded journals.  All content comes from from Concordia University Wisconsin’s one year online course for a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration.




This mini-course will teach you how your emotions affect your thinking, and how to act effectively in complex social relationships and environments.. Having control over your emotions gives you control over your entire life, Concordia explains.

You’ll explore how to:

● Increase your self-awareness. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? What are you reflecting when others see you?  Self-understanding will allow you to stress your strengths and cast aside your weaknesses.

● Know precisely when to apply your abilities. You will learn how to adapt your behavior, depending on the situation in which you find yourself.

● Properly “work a room.” Connecting successful with others will allow you to maximize your success.

● Empathise and help others in life.

● Stop limiting yourself. This will allow you to move beyond your self-imposed comfort levels. 2Here you’ll learn to recognize which “natural rewards” you’re getting from your work. You may feel good, for example, about completing a work-related task, or find financial compensation rewarding.  This recognition will help you to have control over your work and to be persistent, so you become a “self-starter.”

This course also will cover how to:

● Manage the way you think, what you think about, and what you “see” in your mind.  

● Regulate yourself emotionally, because the way you feel affects the way you think, and the way you think affects the way you feel. You’ll discover that the ability to exercise self-influence over your emotion lies in what you were thinking before you received negative news. Emotion regulation means being ready when unexpected and unknown emotions present themselves and  “rising to the forefront of your being.”

● Be conscientious about how you think and act, to make yourself efficient and organized.    3

The third segment of the program will cover why it’s important for you to take advantage of your company’s workshops, seminars, conferences, when it comes to your personal growth; the leaders you should follow to support your self-determination and to make you a better leader, and explore and recognize how your culture drives your tasks. One culture, for instance, may look at a job as being menial, whereas another culture may use the position to build a business empire.

Any strategy in life can be boiled down to three key components: what, why, and how?” said Dr. Ken Harris,  program director of MS in Organizational Leadership & Administration, Concordia University Wisconsin. “The ‘what’ is about conferences, education, seminars, and workshops informing your goal. The ‘why’ are strategic moves made to achieve your objectives. Lastly, it’s about ‘how’  to move to the next level.”


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